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07 January 2012

Video: “You Are Here: The Oil Journey."

Below the fold is a not to be missed video by the Post Carbon Institute. It is a fictional work with an argument written by Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil's proser. A parable of what cheap oil gave to the industrial societies in the XX century and what peak oil may take away in the XXI century. I do not exactly agree with the assessment that alternative energies cannot provide the same sort of services in similar quantities. To my judgement the challenges are much more the social evolutions we'll have to undertake to guarantee that the transition takes place smoothly: a monetary system compliant with an economy that doesn't grow exponentially, adapting markets to favour long term investments, a different concept of mobility, a different kind of agriculture. Cheap oil was good while it lasted, but what may come after it may not necessarily be worse.

In any case, congratulations to the Post Carbon Institute for this excellent effort.

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