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19 January 2012

Interview with Tarja Cronberg

Below is a video published this morning by the EUObserver with an interview to the Green European Parliament member Tarja Cronberg, who is the head of the Parliamentary Iran delegation and an expert on Nuclear technology. Cronberg is very directly opposed to further sanctions on Iran and seems convinced that it can lead to a military conflict in the Strait of Hormuz. Moreover, she says that harsher sanctions will likely lead to a rally of the population around the present political regime, rather than the weakening of the Ayatollahs' power. Instead of being concerned with particular consequences on the EU states most reliant on Iranian oil, Spain, Italy and Greece, the consequences to the world economy of a conflict around Hormuz can be much deeper and far reaching in her view.

It is good to see politicians thinking outside the box laid down on them by the media, especially by those seeded in the Anglo world. Irrespective of the final outcome of the sanctions being planed it is important to understand that OECD economies will hardly come out of it unscathed.

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