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11 January 2012

Public Consultation on Renewable Energy

The folks at the Energy Commission are already thinking about Energy Policy beyond 2020. After the 20-20-20 targets there is a much longer term goal of reducing CO2 emissions by over 85% up to 2050. So right now the Energy Commision is starting to think the policies that should further reduce our emissions in the decade between 2021 and 2030. In this context they are asking everyone to participate in a public consultation, with the main goal of understanding if the policies driving us up to 2020 are still viable for the decade ahead. To make things easy the Energy Commission provides a convenient online form. The deadline for answering is the 7th of February.

Ironically Europe is on a very good tack to accomplish the 20-20-20 targets, not by its Energy policy, but rather through its Austerity policy. This is a policy that will certainly work in the next decade too, if European Democracies last until then. Without Austerity, for certain high prices would guarantee a similar outcome. In all likelihood CO2 emissions by 2050 in Europe shall be just a fraction of what they are today, perhaps less than the envisioned 15%. The question is not so much how to get there, but how not to impoverish in the process.

Here are some highlights of the online questionnaire:
A.1. Is there a role for new targets for renewable energy sources post-2020 assuming that any targets must be consistent with climate mitigation and energy efficiency policies and targets as is currently the case with the 20/20/20 targets in the Europe 2020 strategy?

B.1. Do you consider that financial support will continue to be necessary to support renewables post 2020 given their expected greater penetration?

B.2. If renewable energy sources require support post-2020, how do you think this can best be achieved with a view to achieving a cost-effective deployment?

B.4. Should the structure of financial support be gradually aligned EU-wide?

D.2. Which renewables-specific grid related rules do you consider necessary and proportionate in a post-2020 perspective?

D.3. With regard to system integration of wind and solar power, what measures do you consider most important to increase the flexibility reserve of the system:

E.3. In how far do you think today's market design needs to be adapted to provide an appropriate framework for renewables

F.2. What pathways do you consider to be the most promising for further increasing the share of renewable energy in heating and cooling beyond 2020?

G.1. What do you consider to be the main barriers against a stronger uptake of renewable energy in transport?

G.2. What sectors of transport do you consider to be the most promising for further increasing the share of renewable energy?

H.1.  Do you think that additional sustainability criteria are necessary in the post 2020 period?

I.2. Do you think the EU should further facilitate cooperation with third countries when it comes to the development of the potential for renewable energy?

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