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23 March 2012

Something new - Dive

Once in a while I like to listen to dotcomradio. Not only because it is a creation of a friend back from Portugal, but also because if features mostly simple and soothing vibes that go very well with work and certain states of mind. The music there is mostly new stuff, but always outside the main stream, making it even the more interesting. But this week the unexpected happened, out of the blue came this song that forced me to leave everything else I was doing and search relentlessly for its title and author. The offending track is below the fold.

So this turns out to be a very fresh quartet of Brooklyn lads. It took me quite a while to find an official site in the web and learn something more about them. Dive is such a new band that they don't even have a real site of their own, just a space at some collective harbour for musical start ups. The band has released two double sided singles late last year and is presently in studio recording an LP (or EP, depending on the source). Geist, the track above, seems to be an appetiser for this coming release.

Searching further I found this compelling set of live recordings produced for Newtown Radio:

What can I say? Brilliant. It has been a long, long while since the sort of music this simple had such an impact on me; it almost feels like being back in high school again. I believe this means it must be good stuff. The natural way in which the members bond with each other, the absence of pretentious antics, the humble way they face the cameras; it is pure music, nothing else.

The sound itself cannot be said to be ground breaking, though the combination of a diffused/distorted guitar with a clean lead guitar is quite rare. The rhythmic section is very reminiscent of the New Wave genre, but further considering the guitar layers the influence from NEU! and early Kraftwerk is very obvious. To my complete amazement, the band actually acknowledges the Krautrock inheritance in their bio. Respect.

All the best for Dive and their new record, hope it turns out to be successful. My expectations are huge.

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