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05 September 2016

Presenting the Fix Ubuntu script set

The upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 has been the most problematic between Long Term Support (LTS) releases of this Linux distribution that I have experienced. The system itself is stable enough (apart from the usual hiccups with cutting edge hardware) but when it comes to applications problems mount. I have had difficulties using almost every one of the programmes I most rely on. In the majority of cases the root cause is an important loss of features and functionality.

Every time I install or re-install Ubuntu 16.04 there is now a long list of tweaks and fixes to do in order to achieve a minimally usable desktop system. I eventually developed these fixes into a set of shell scripts to automate these tasks. I am now releasing a first tentative version of this script set gathered in a project christened Fix-Ubuntu. More details under the fold.

The project README file explains a bit further the reasons that lead to these scripts:
Since the 12.04 release Ubuntu has provided what is these days one of the best desktop user interfaces ever created: Unity. Even if not preferred by everyone, Unity boasts a number of features that far beyond improving the visual quality of the interface, greatly increase productivity.

However, in subsequent releases the core applications shipped with Ubuntu (e.g. file browser, document reader, media player, file editor) have been greatly eroded, with a large number of features consistently removed. When Ubuntu 16.04 was released most of these applications were practically unusable.

This set of scripts automates a number of tasks that became mandatory after a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install. It sets up a number of applications that retain the full features expected in a desktop computer.

These scripts do not remove any software, all applications originally shipped with Ubuntu 16.04 remain in the system.
Hop on to GitHub to learn what each of these scripts does. Please test them and report bugs or further tasks you would like to automate.

Do you like this project? Would you like to develop a GUI to make these scripts even easier to use? Please get in touch.

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