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30 September 2012

September 2012 - a turning point for Portugal

This blog entry is an experiment. Instead of the usual text there's a sound recording to listen to. Below the fold are a few relevant links on the topic. Enjoy and please leave feedback on the feasibility of this blogging mode.

A couple of posts detailing this crisis a bit further:

The Debt Obsession (October of 2011)

A Postcard from Portugal (April of 2012)

Relevant articles in the media on these extraordinary events:

Portugal's austerity measures: The tipping point | The Economist

Portugal at flashpoint as austerity lights fires in mild-mannered populace | The Guardian

Portugal finally stands up and marches | The Guardian

Photo Gallery: "Basta!, Acordia!" | Público

Credits - the background music is a composition entitle "George Trakl" by Klaus Schulze, worthy every cent.

1 comment:

  1. Luis good to hear your inside views on Portuguese developments, thanks