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28 February 2012

Poverty in the USA

The video below contains some unbelievable stuff. Children going to bed without food and folk eating rats. The well established consciously condemning the poor to death. Not really a surprise that is happening in the USA, that democracy where only two parties can win: liberal and even-more-liberal. It is sad, really sad, to see how educated human beings can treat each other.

The home of the brave, where once you loose your job you loose everything else: medical care, home, energy, hot water, mobility, dignity. This is what a country without a Social State looks like, and this is what the liberals are trying to accomplish in Europe, with the tragic help of hesitant and drifting conservatives.

In 2008 the green party got 0.12% of the votes, the (scientific) socialist party of the USA got 0.01% and an utopian socialist party cannot be said to exist. Will Americans, at least the poor, be able to realise what is wrong with their beloved country in 2012? It is tragic how the many good things about the USA, the consolidated federation, the light historical past or the vast and rich countryside can be wasted to foster such an unequal society.

Is it to this what we are coming to? In the next 18 months all key figures of the European Council will be facing popular scrutiny. The time to say enough is now.

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