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30 December 2011

Still On Chocolate Kings

Below is a rare video of PFM performing live, soon after the release of Chocolate Kings. This was recorded at the BBC programme “Old Grey Whistle Test” at a time when TV was open to music in whatever forms and lengths. Unfortunately the video is delayed to the audio and there's some noise during the first minute of the song. Still a precious document of the bands live performance at this time, 1975, with Lanzetti fully integrated in the group. Interesting how he seems so unease; he even plays a guitar that you can't hear as an antidote to the usual front-person dilemma of “what do I do with my hands?”. All in all I feel he was a real plus to band, I'm glad they decided to take him in; too bad it would all come to an end abruptly (musically wise, that is).

PFM were not only one of the best rock bands in the world at this time, they are also making rock history.

Take the instrumental intermission as a belated Christmas gift.

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